Where is Trevor Story From? Where was Trevor Story Born?


.Trevor John Story is a free agent in the American professional baseball league. Trevor Story is a Major League Baseball player who debuted in 2016 with the Colorado Rockies.

Trevor Story was born on November 15, 1992, in the A shortstop who made his MLB debut on Opening Day 2016 with the Colorado Rockies, smashing two home runs off perennial All-Star. He was the sixth player in MLB history to hit two home runs in his first game, but he was the first to do so on Opening Day.

He also made history by being the first player in major league history to hit a home run in each of his first three at-bats. He was drafted straight out of Irving High School, where he grew up. In their first MLB games, he and JP Arencibia, who debuted in 2010, each hit two home runs.

Where is Trevor’s Story From? Where was Trevor Story Born?

Trevor Story is an American professional baseball player who was born in Irving, Texas. Irving is a city in Texas, located northwest of Dallas. The Irving Arts Center hosts a variety of art exhibitions, outdoor installations, theatre performances, and concerts.

Trevor Story attended Irving High School in Irving, Texas, where he was a shortstop and pitcher for the Tigers baseball team, reaching 96 mph (154 km/h) with his fastball.


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