She Friend-Zoned Me but Gets Jealous: Why/What to Do?

Have you ever expressed your feelings to a lady and she friend-zoned you? The feeling you’d get will be something else.

It would’ve been quite easier if you were to deal with her rejection and not have to see her frequently and be friendly. But, soon you may be able to move on, which is a good thing.

However, what if you notice she gets jealous whenever you pay attention to other ladies? This act will bring mixed signals and leave you feeling several things.

Top of the feelings would be confusion and frustration. So, it’s not surprising you want to find out why a girl will get jealous after friend-zoning you.

In this article, I’ll explain why ladies get jealous after keeping you in a friend zone and what you should do if you find yourself in such situations.

Why Does She Feel Jealous After Friend-zoning Me?

There are different reasons a girl will friend-zone you and then feel jealous when she sees you with other ladies.

Although when someone places you in a friend zone, it may seem like something romantic may never happen between you both.

However, it’s not always the case. Some people end up becoming a couple after one of them friend-zoned the other.

So, when a girl asks for friendship and still gets jealous, it may be a sign that she likes you.

Also, it could be that she’s insecure or wants all your attention on her. Below, I’ll explain more about the reasons girls will feel jealous after friend-zoning you.

She Likes You

She Friend-Zoned Me but Gets Jealous

One of the major reasons a lady will feel jealous after friend-zoning you is if she likes you. A lady may have feelings for you but may decide she doesn’t want to date you.

There are many reasons she would do this, which you may not understand. It may be she’s scared of getting hurt or some other factor is preventing her from accepting.

Nevertheless, when she friend-zones you, it’s because she doesn’t want to lose you completely and wants to always have you close.

So, if this is the case, then she’ll always get jealous when other ladies have your attention. On the other hand, a lady may not realize she’s into you until you ask her out and she sees other ladies with you.

She might have friend-zoned you because she thinks she didn’t have any feelings for you.

But, she may begin to feel jealous when you seek attention from other girls. Sometimes, they may not realize it or may try to hide it.

She is Insecure

She Friend-Zoned Me but Gets Jealous

Another reason a lady will feel jealous after friend-zoning you is that she’s insecure. First, so many people feel insecure or aren’t sure about their feelings.

So, a lady may say no to your request for a relationship but ask for friendship because she isn’t sure about how she feels about you.

This is usually the case when other guys are asking for a relationship with her too or if she’s into someone else.

So, if she feels insecure she may decide to tie you down with being friends in case she doesn’t get what she wants from other guys.

She intends to take up your offer if she doesn’t get a better offer according to her standard. So, if this is the case, she has every tendency to feel jealous when she sees you with other girls.

She is not jealous because she likes you, but because she sees a potential partner in you, so to some extent, you’re her partner.

She Wants all the attention

Another reason why a lady feels jealous after friend-zoning is because she’s selfish and wants all the attention for herself.

Many ladies are like this. It’s natural for them to be inclined to want all the attention from the men in their lives.

Although it’s a selfish feeling, it becomes worrisome when they can’t control it; like when she feels jealous when there are other girls around you. So they’ll compete with other ladies for your attention.

When she friend-zones you, it’s likely because she doesn’t romantically like you. But, if she still wants your attention, she will act jealous when you’re with other ladies.

Additionally, she’ll act this way because she likes the feeling of being chased by you. If you ask these kinds of ladies out, they’re very likely to turn you down a second time and keep you in the friend zone yet again.

She Wants You to Try Harder

Another reason a girl will act jealous after she friend-zones is that she wants you to try harder to get her.

So many ladies believe playing hard to get makes them know if you’re genuine. Also, they believe it makes it all fun. So, a lady is likely to say no to you and keep you in the friend zone to test your true feelings for her.

And when she acts jealous, it’s a sign from her that she still wants you to try to get her. In this case, you’d have to understand if she genuinely likes you or if she just wants you to keep chasing her.

So, you may want to check for other signs apart from acting jealous. Does she feel nervous or uncomfortable with you?

She Doesn’t Know What She Wants

Another reason a girl will friendzone you and act jealous is if she doesn’t know what she wants.

These kinds of ladies will not be able to explain why they feel jealous, probably because they can’t explain their feelings about you. Also, it could be that they’re unwilling to explore what they feel.

They don’t need to have feelings for you, but they’re just some confused set of ladies you only have to ignore. Once you do so, their feelings of jealousy are likely to go away.

What Should You Do When a Girl Friend-zones You but Gets Jealous?

When a lady friend zones you and is always jealous when you’re with other girls, you must act carefully.

This careful act will help you not ruin your chance with other ladies or another chance with her. First, you should think about how you both have been relating. It’ll help you understand if she likes you or not.

Then you should talk to her and after, you may have to stay away from her or reduce the attention you give to her. Below is more on what you should do.

Think about Your Relationship with Her

She Friend-Zoned Me but Gets Jealous

The first thing you should do is think about your relationship with her. What is your relationship with her? If you guys have always been friends, check how she acted during those periods.

Did she ever show signs that she liked you? It might seem like an arduous task, but it’s important to help you understand the next step you should take.

If you only just met her, then check how she behaves with you privately and if possible compare it with how she behaves with other guys.

If you think she likes you, then you need to talk to her next to get words from her.

Talk to Her

She Friend-Zoned Me but Gets Jealous

The next appropriate thing you should do when a girl gets jealous after friend-zoning you is to talk with her. This step is an important part to help you clear any mixed signals.

Talk to her and ask her directly why she acts jealous when she sees you with other ladies. Confront her about if she has feelings for you and is hiding them.

If you go directly like this, it’s very easy to get the truth from her. So, if she confirms that she likes you, then you both should agree on how to go about it.

However, if you confirm that she doesn’t like you, then tell her that you would ignore her if she continues that way. Also, let her know, your friendship with her will likely end if she worsens.

Reduce the Attention You Give Her

After having a heart-to-heart discussion with her, another appropriate thing you should do is to reduce the attention you give her.

You should take this step if she continues acting jealous. This step is important so you don’t miss out on opportunities with other ladies.

Also, it’ll be safer for any new relationship you may want to enter. Additionally, you may also take this step even without talking with her first to check if she has feelings for you.

She might’ve friend-zoned you because she likes you, so if you reduce the attention you spend with her, it’ll help her discover her feelings.

So, it’s very likely for her to act next if she truly likes you. This step would take you out of the friend zone quickly if she’s into you.

End the Friendship with Her

Another necessary step to take if a girl gets jealous after friendzoning you is to end the friendship with her.

This step is critical if you feel she’s acting selfish with her attitude and also if you only just met her.

This jealousy from the lady is a negative feeling that can affect your new relationship if you remain friends with her.

She may be doing this to make you think she likes you and to keep you chasing her even while she says no.

So, if you confirm that she doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to date you, you can cut ties with her if it’s someone you’re just meeting.

Final Thoughts

You may not always understand why a lady acts the way she does. But if a girl friend zones you and gets jealous, it’s likely she likes you or just wants all the attention to herself.

Also, she may be trying to play hard or is insecure and doesn’t know what she wants. So, you should think about your relationship with her before speaking with her.

Then, if you know she’s only acting selfish, you should end the friendship with her if she doesn’t change.

If it’s a girl you’ve been friends with for a long time, then you should reduce the attention you give to her.

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