How to Respond When Someone Calls You Dear

Using endearing terms is a way of letting someone know that we care for them and consider them important.

However, it can be weird and confusing when someone you’re not familiar with uses endearing terms on you. Not only is it confusing, but it may also leave you annoyed and uncomfortable.

So, how do you respond to someone who calls you “dear?” Do you reciprocate or ignore them? In this post, I will help you with 20 ways you can respond to anyone who calls you dear.

20 Ways to Respond When Someone Calls You Dear

The way you respond to someone who calls you “dear” will depend on your relationship with the person and the circumstances in which they use the term.

The way you respond to a friend will differ from the way you respond to a colleague. So, you can either reciprocate with endearing terms, be friendly when they are, tell them you feel uncomfortable, or ask them why.

Below are 20 ways you can respond to anyone who calls you dear.

Smile and Return the Gesture

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Dear

When a friend calls you “dear,” it’s usually because they’re fond of you. So, you can smile at a friend when he calls you “dear” and return the gesture with other endearments too.

In this way, you’ll let them know you’re comfortable with them using the term on you. So, below are the endearments you can use on a friend when they call you dear.


When a friend calls you “dear,” you can take it a notch higher by calling them “dearest.” “Dearest” is the superlative form of “dear,” and why dear will express your care for a friend, “dearest” can show your deep affection for the person.

Calling your friend “dearest” is a cool way of showing that you like the term they use on you. Also, it expresses that you reciprocate their feelings for you.

In any statement of yours, you can use this term and it’ll fit in adequately. You can also attach it to their names, especially over a text. On the other hand, the term is cool to replace their names.


Another appropriate term you can use for a friend who calls you dear is “sweetheart.” This term is a broad one that isn’t only restricted to married or dating couples.

These days, friends call each other this word to show their affection. Sweetheart is a very old word that expresses love for someone, so when your friend calls you “dear,” be free to call them this word.

It doesn’t only show your care or acceptance of their choice of words, it’ll also make them feel good and loved.


Another word you can use on a friend who calls you dear is “darling.” This is another old term that has wide use among friends as well as couples.

When you call someone “darling,” it shows that they’re very dear to you. So, when a friend calls you “dear,” you can call them “darling.” When you use this word, it can strengthen your friendship.


Another appropriate term to use for a friend who calls you “dear” is “hun.” Hun is cool term friends use on each other. It’s the abbreviated form for “honey” and a lovely way to show affection between friends.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable calling your friend “honey,” “hun” will work well.

Therefore, when a friend calls you “dear,” call them “hun” to show that you’re okay with their choice of words and also to reciprocate the feelings.


One of the things you can call a friend who calls you “dear” is “boo.” Boo is an old term that’s derived from the word “beau,” meaning beautiful in French.

Although this term is common among romantic partners, it has become popular among friends too. Girls call each other this term and even family members too. So, you can call your friend “boo” when they call you “dear.”

It’s a cool way to show your affection for them. You can use it at the end or beginning of your statement and it’ll  be okay.

Ask Them Why

Another way to respond to a friend who calls you “dear” is to ask them why. In this case, if they just started using the term on you all of a sudden, you can ask them why for clarity.

Also, if you notice they don’t use these words on other persons except you, they may be hinting at their feelings for you. So, ask them why if you think they romantically like you.

Below are the ways you can ask your friend the reason they call you “dear.”

Wow! Where Did That Come From?

One of the ways you can ask your friend why they call you “dear,” is to use words that sound surprising yet polite.

“Wow! Where did that come from?” is a nice expression you can use without sounding upset or unappreciative. “Wow!” will express your genuine surprise that they use such a word on you.

This is especially important if you know they’re not a “compliment person.” So, when you ask them where it comes from, they’d understand your request and should explain.

Oh! Why the Choice of Word?

“Oh! Why the choice of word?” is another appropriate question to ask a friend when they call you “dear.”

When you phrase your question this way, they’d understand you genuinely want to know why, so you should get an explanation.

Tell Them You Are Uncomfortable

When friends call you with endearing words that keep you uncomfortable, you should let them know that you want things to remain casual and platonic with you both.

So, when your friend calls you dear and it doesn’t suit you, let them know politely. Below are ways you can tell your friend how you feel about it.

Hmm, Why Don’t We Do Names Instead?

You can let your friend know that “dear” keep you uncomfortable by asking that you both call each other by name.

An expression like, “hmm, why don’t we do names instead?” will show your discomfort in a polite manner. In this way, your friend would get the message and wouldn’t feel hurt.

Oh Well, I Prefer the Buddy Thing

Another expression you can use to let your friends know that calling you dear keeps you uncomfortable is telling them that “buddy” works for you.

Buddy is a nice and casual term for friends and doesn’t have different meanings. So, if you’re okay with calling each other buddy, you can let them know.

“Oh well, I prefer the buddy thing” will work well as it’s polite and straightforward.

Nice, but Let’s Stick to Pal instead

Another way to tell your friends that calling you dear keeps you uncomfortable is to appreciate it and tell them your mind.

A phrase like, “nice, but let’s stick to ‘Pal’ instead” will make your intention plain to them without hurting their feelings.

Flirt with a Sweet Nickname

If your crush calls you “dear,” you can reciprocate the gesture. They may be into you too, so calling them sweet nicknames can push you both in the right direction.

In addition, you can flirt with them when they flirt with you with the term. Below are ways to flirt with your crush:

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Dear

Wow Babe, I love How You Say That

One great way to answer to your crush when they call you “dear” is to be appreciative. “Wow! Babe, I love how you say that” is a cool expression that shows your appreciation and acceptance.

Now, this is also a cool way to flirt with them and let them know that you’re into them. If they’re flirting, it’s the appropriate time to let them know how you feel.

Calling them “babe” and telling them you love how the word sounds should work.

Oh, Darling! That Feels So Right

“Oh, Darling! That feels so right” is another appropriate expression you can use when your crush calls you “dear.”

“Darling” is a sweet term that should work for your crush. Calling them this and telling them you’re okay with them calling you “dear” will work in showing you’ve some feelings for them.

Hmm, I Think You Just Melted My Heart, SweetHeart

Another way you can flirt with your crush when they call you “dear” is to let them know the word melted your heart.

Calling them “sweetheart” and telling them you’re touched by the endearment is a nice way to express your feelings.

Act Shocked for Some Fun

You can also act shocked to create some fun. You can do try any of the following:

Aww! You Just Stole My Heart

When a crush calls you “dear,” create some fun by showing you’re shocked. This expression, “Aww! You just stole my heart” is a nice way you can get that.

“Aww” shows your surprise and also shows that you’re pleased with the term. Then adding, “you just stole my heart” will complete the work of letting them know you like them.

Wow! See Who’s Blushing

“Wow! See who’s blushing” is another cool reply for your crush. This is a cool way of creating some fun and letting them know you like them calling you “dear.”

Also, make it real with your expression. You can smile or also express some shyness.

Give a Polite Response

With a stranger or a colleague at work, you can respond politely and keep it cool between you both. If they use the term when making a request, or to call your attention, you can keep it quick and professional.

Below are ways to respond:

Okay, No Problem

Depending on what the person says to you, you can respond with “okay, no problem.”  In this way, you’re polite while still maintaining a semi-formal relationship.

If they call you dear while making a request, a simple acceptance with this expression will work. It’s straight to the point.

That’s Fine By Me

Another way to respond when someone you aren’t close to calls you “dear” is “that’s fine by me.”

This expression shows your acceptance of what they say or the request they made.

Without adding any endearment, they should understand you’re being polite and also want to keep things within the right confines.

You Are Welcome

If someone is appreciating you and calls you “dear,” you can respond with, “you’re welcome” to acknowledge and accept their gratitude.

This phrase is appropriate within your work environment or with strangers.

Tell Them You Feel Uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable with them calling you “dear,” tell them so. Below are ways to do so:

How to Respond When Someone Calls You Dear

I Appreciate the Choice of Words but Let’s Stick to Our Names

Tell them you appreciate the choice of words but you would like them to use your name.

If a colleague at work or your customer who patronizes you keeps up with the term, you should tell them directly that you don’t want it.

If you’ve tried responding politely and they stick to using “dear” with you, then you can stop them with, “I appreciate the choice of word but let’s stick to our names.”

This statement is a straightforward way of getting your point across to them.

Call Me By My Name Please

You can directly tell a stranger or a colleague at work to call you by your name if they call you “dear.” Using this method will work in getting your message across without sounding rude.


When someone calls you “dear,” your response will depend on their relationship with you. You can always call your friends, “sweet terms” or ask them why they call you that.

With your crush, you can flirt with them while you return the gesture or you can create some fun by acting shocked.

However, with a stranger, you should keep it formal and cool and still sound polite. Also, you should tell anyone who calls you “dear” to stop if it makes you uncomfortable.

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