How Did John Clayton Die?


John Travis Clayton (1954 – March 18, 2022) was a National Football League (NFL) writer and reporter for ESPN. He was also a  senior writer for

John was said to have started writing at a very young age as he used to write for St. Marys, Pennsylvania Daily Press.

He reported on sports while still a student at Churchill Area High School. Starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 1972 training camp, he covered the team in twice-weekly.

In 1995, Clayton joined ESPN as a reporter and later added to his duties a weekly radio show during the NFL offseason.

He hosted the show with former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury; the show included “Four Downs,” a debate with Salisbury over current NFL issues.

John Clayton Cause of Death

John Clayton was said to have died after battling with a very short illness that led to his death. The sports analyst was said to have died at the age of 67.

How Did John Clayton Die?

Clayton passed after he got sick and was down for some time. Tho the exact reason for him getting sick is not known, he was said to have been down for some time and unfortunately kicked the bucket.


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