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Free Article..Is Insurance Important To Every Human Lives... Insurance is very important and play a large role in human lives, we have many insurance companies that takes care of of human security. We also have different types of insurance ranging from live insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance , disability insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance , commercial insurance and many lot like that . Insurance simple means a way of backup. Risk is part of human lives and that's why we need insurance. In every country there are most liable insurance companies you can apply for which will help alot. Insurance companies transfer financial risk to policyholders, who pay regular premiums in exchange for coverage. Policies outline the scope of coverage, policy terms, deductibles, and coverage limits. Underwriting assesses risk and determines premium rates. In the event of a covered loss, policyholders file a claim. Premium adjustments are made based on factors like claims history, inflation, or insured item value. Policyholders can customize coverage with riders or endorsements. Insurance only pays out for losses within the policy's terms.