30 Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Being called mean is never pleasurable. Especially in situations where it was explicitly stated so that you would be hurt or talked down to. It sure can be difficult to think of a sharp reply at that point.

However, a good comeback puts them in their rightful place. It even gets more thrilling if your reply shuts them off completely.

You need to brace up because you are in for a ride, as in this article, I will be walking you through 30 good comebacks you can use when someone calls you mean.

30 Retorts For When Someone Calls You Mean

If you need to make a remark to clear the air when someone calls you mean, then you should do that without hesitation and with immediate effect. Underneath are some comments you can make when someone calls you mean.

Such A Lie!

Most of the time, a comeback is not complete without being assertive. The person who called you mean must have been expecting you to be all sorry the moment they said it.

Instead of behaving in an expected way, outrightly tell them how much of a lie their claim is. They will immediately withdraw out of embarrassment and, in most cases, won’t say anything further.

You Are No Different!

When someone who is also mean calls you mean, they are obviously leaving the plank of wood in their eyes to take off the speck in your eyes.

In this scenario, you don’t have to pretend to know about it. Confidently affirm to them how indifferent they are to the word’s meaning.

You Think The World Revolves Around You? I Won’t Agree To Your Terms

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Oftentimes, people portray meanness because someone has pushed them to. These kinds of people think the world revolves around them and they just want things done their way. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

If you are dealing with someone like this, they may resolve to call you mean, the moment you have a slight exchange of words with them. You can confidently respond to them, letting them know that you also have your own decisions to make.

Ha ha ha, How Mean?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

What is a comeback without making fun of your opponent? When someone calls you mean, they expect you to cringe and be all sober. Giving them a slight grin will keep them amazed.

You can ask them to what level they feel you are mean as well. This is one shocking response you can give to someone who talks you down.

If I Were As Heartless As You, I Would Show Myself To The Corps

Some people fail to see that they are worse than they imagine others to be. This is because they feel others should understand them and the reasons why they do what they do.

On the other hand, they are quick to feast on someone else whose actions are even worse compared to what they have done. Hence, their excesses shouldn’t be left out.

If you are haggling with someone like this, this would be a good comeback after they refer to you as mean.

Is That Supposed To Make Me Feel Bad?

It is disheartening how someone will intentionally display some behavioral patterns or structured speech just to make you feel bad.

Well, it shouldn’t be anymore, because these people do it without remorse. However, one way you can make them feel bad is by asking them if calling you mean, was meant to make you feel bad.

This will definitely get to them because their plan didn’t pull through

I Just Showed You A Bit Of My Assertiveness And You Are Complaining Already?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

This will be a good comeback when dealing with someone who has always taken your softness for vulnerability and has taken advantage of it negatively.

The moment you show them the other side of you and they begin to call you mean, let them know it was just the beginning of how hard you can be if you choose to. They’ll seize from having that picture of you as a vulnerable fellow.

I Expected This Reaction From You Way Before Now

If you have been intentionally putting up mean characters, probably in a bid to revenge or prove a point, the person towards whom you are exhibiting these traits may play a pretense.

This can only last for a while. Hence, the moment they get to admit it, your response has to show that it was intended. You can tell them how much you’ve been waiting to hear them say it.

I Would Have Apologized, But It Was Intended And Not A Mistake

This is a good comeback you can give to someone who has called you mean. Especially when you also want to create the picture that their disposition towards you won’t change your actions because you were intentional about them.

How Else Do You Deserve To Be Treated?

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Just as human needs are insatiable, so also, you can’t please them. You might have been trying your best to treat someone in a certain way, but rather than try to make life uneasy for you.

At the juncture where you resolve to treat them the other way round, they are prone to referring to you as mean.

You should outrightly let them know that they deserve it because that other part of you wouldn’t have come to play if they accepted the better part of you.

I Would Say Sorry Only If It Was Someone Else Who Felt I Was Mean

In most scenarios, when someone calls you a name like “mean”, they expect you to say the word “sorry”. By this, they are instilling in your mind that you are guilty of hurting them in a way.

However, you shouldn’t take it lightly from someone who habitually calls you mean just so they can make you feel guilty all the time, thereby getting what they want.

With all assertiveness, let them know that you are aware of how they habitually want to make you feel guilty by calling you mean.  And you will only treat it with more concern if it comes from someone else.

There Was No Need For Pretense In The First Place

If you were called mean because of your behavior at some point, which warranted being mean, then it is good to admit it.

The situation you found yourself in might have been one that required you to engage in a fight or outrightly walk someone out.

When someone calls you mean as a result of this, then it’s right to let them know that the situation called for it and it wouldn’t have gotten any better if you pretended.

I Can See You Didn’t Enjoy Being Treated The Same Way You Treat Others

A mean person would treat you unduly and would expect you to accept some flimsy apology. When you treat them in the same manner, it will amaze you how much they’ll take it to the extreme.

Therefore, if you behaved meanly towards someone who reciprocated the same to you at first, let them know that you only let them have a sip from the same cup from which they gave you to drink. And it seems like they didn’t enjoy it.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Stop Trying To Play The Victim. You know What I Mean

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Pretense is a vital way through which people take advantage of others to get what they desire. One of the ways of pretending is by playing the victim.

When someone calls you mean, in an attempt to blackmail your emotions into doing something for them, use a conceding tone to reprimand them. This will make them scared of using your emotions against you.

If You Weren’t A Mean Person, I Would Have Been Surprised How You Knew

Mean people easily identify themselves, mostly because they share similar traits. Therefore, if someone calls you mean, there is a high chance they are also mean. This comeback will let them know they are also mean because you never told them before.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

If It Were A Better Person Who Called Me Mean, I Would Have Been Sober By Now

Try out this comeback in order to let the person know that their word doesn’t get you. This will make them feel bad, even more guilty than they intended for you to feel.

I Would Have Agreed With You, But I Fear Being Called Foolish

If the person who called you mean is someone who is known to run their mouth foolishly, then this is a good comeback you can consider. This will let them know that agreeing with their claim will only make you seem like them.

You Think I Should Change My Attitude? But Only A Few Persons Like You

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Being called mean implies that you exhibit a bad character, and you ought to put in some effort to change. Sometimes, it may be that the person who called you mean was trying to let you know that you’ll not gain acceptance with them.

Whereas many others avoid them because they have a personality disorder. In a bid to remind you about your excesses, point out theirs also.

Your Entire Lifetime Is What You Have To Poke Your Nose Into Other People’s Affairs. It Won’t Hurt If You Take A Day Off

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

It can get tiring when certain people make up their minds to always make you an object of their concern.

They habitually look out for your faults and don’t hesitate to point them out to you. In this scenario, you need a good comeback such as this to make them realize they have more bad habits they should spend more time taking care of.

Remember When I Sought Your Consent? Well, Me Neither

Sometimes, just like every other person, I do a personality check. During this period, I asked a couple of friends what they thought about my behavior and what I should pay attention to.

You would agree that this is more reasonable than for someone to just say ” Hey you are mean! Work character”.

They may be saying it’s to get your attention or they may just love talking even when they are not invited to speak. On this note, you can bluntly tell them you never asked for their opinion.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

My Darling, I Am Just What You Want Me To Be

Some comebacks are more effective on people’s minds when they are sagged in a way that shows you care about what they are saying.

Also, some people will push you to the point where you begin to behave differently from them and still complain about it.

At this point, you should let them know that you are only behaving in the way they desire you to behave.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

If You Don’t Give Up On Being Toxic, You Are Going To Miss Out On The Beautiful Parts Of Life And Die In Obsession

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Toxic people deserve toxic replies. These are unsatisfied people, taking note of everything you do and won’t hesitate to make an ill judgment of your actions.

They don’t care to know the reason why you acted meanly but will stop at nothing to call you demeaning words. However, not tackling them with your response gives them the liberty to keep expressing their toxicity.

You ought to tell them to put their toxicity in check or lose out on the better side of life.

There’s No Point Hanging Around Me Anymore, Except You Are Just Trying To Gain My Attention

It’s logical to think that when a person calls you mean, they feel you have a character problem. Hence, even after they point it out to you, they’ll show you glaring signs of how much they detest this character of yours by giving you some space.

On the other hand, when someone literally calls you mean but won’t stay a moment with you, there obviously is a problem. They are either lying about their claims or trying to get your attention.

Your response should let them know that if they truly saw you as someone with a bad character, they would have avoided you rather than repeat it to your ears.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

When You Upgrade Your Personality, You Can Talk To Me About My Excesses

Some people who are all about correcting other people’s lapses need to have a personality check.

If they really wanted you to change your mean character, they would have communicated it in a more relatable way other than saying “You are such a mean fellow!”

A good comeback for this class of people is to assertively remind them to have a self-check before digging out your faults.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

I Am Not Mean. I Only Do It Around You

This is a direct comeback capable of leaving the one who referred to you as mean speechless. It is a glaring way to let them know that you are only mean because they are around. Instead of trying to change your attitude, they start by doing a self-assessment.

Great! I Think It’s Time I Be Honest Too. You Have A Personality Disorder

The person who called you means possibly also has an absurd trait that you feel they shouldn’t be exhibiting. But in order not to hurt their feelings, you decided to make a deal with them by tolerating them.

The moment they called you mean is an obvious sign that they genuinely viewed you in that vein and didn’t hesitate to let you know.

This means they didn’t really care how you’d feel about it as they said it anyway. It shouldn’t hurt if you did so too. What matters is that you were honest about your reply.

I Can See You Are Addicted To Talking People Down

Just as some people will constantly praise you for even little gestures you consider little, some others just need that one fault to talk you down.

Since they are extreme perfectionists, it becomes a part of their habit to talk people down. However, pointing it out to them is an excellent way to sting their ego.

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Yes, I Am Mean, But You Can’t Leave Because I Mean A Lot To You

Comebacks When Someone Calls You Mean

Some people will not just leave, even if they think you have a personality disorder. Even if they are so attached to you, they can’t stand your mean behavior and would not hesitate to tell you about it.

In this case, you should admit to being mean and also point out that you still mean a lot to them and that’s why they can’t leave.

At Least Once In A Lifetime, Everyone Has The Liberty To Be Jealous, But It’s Crazy How You Abuse The Privilege

A person who calls you mean may be jealous of you. They will always talk you down, no matter your achievements. You should let them know how they’ve overused the privilege of being jealous of you, even if they were given a chance to be.

Tell It To Your Mum, Who Raised A Rude Child Like You

There are better ways to communicate a person’s excesses to them. However, because of a rude attitude, they would bluntly say it out loud, not giving a fuss about how you would feel about it.

It may be as a result of the way they were raised. Since they feel you have a problem, it’s harmless to also point out theirs. This would shut them up.


You will agree that it has been an interesting ride. However, to cap off this article, I would love you to know that you need to be strategic about using these comebacks.

If you say them often enough, they will lose the effect for which they were said. Therefore, you should save them for days when someone gets on your nerves.

I am glad you no longer have to crack your head because you now know a variety of comebacks to use when someone calls you mean.

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